These RCVS Knowledge Awards showcase practical examples in which individuals and/or teams are using Quality Improvement alongside the Canine Cruciate Registry (CCR) to improve their canine cruciate outcomes.

Watch the video below for more information.

What are the awards for?

The awards aim to recognise those individuals and teams who are using the Canine Cruciate Registry alongside recognised Quality Improvement (QI) techniques (support available on our Quality Improvement pages) to monitor changes and make improvements during the patient and client journey.

You can find out how to access your own personalised audit report via the registry here.

Who is eligible for these awards?

Applications are invited by surgeons and delegates who are using the CCR. Where delegates are applying, consent from the veterinary surgeon that they delegate on behalf of must be included within the application.

Applications can be submitted by individuals or by entire teams.

We encourage anyone applying the principles of evidence-based veterinary medicine and undertaking high-quality QI in canine cruciate surgery to enter.

What will my application be assessed against?

Applications are blinded and assessed by a panel of reviewers. The panel uses the following criteria to score applications.

The application should be well articulated, and should demonstrate:

  • The use of the CCR alongside QI techniques for excellence in care
  • A commitment to animal health and welfare
  • A commitment to Quality Improvement
  • The use of evidence-based approaches
  • A learning culture
  • Leadership for the whole team approach
  • Promotion of broader use of the CCR to clients
  • Promotion for broader use of the CCR by colleagues
  • Demonstrable improvements in the patient and/or client journey.

For those from a practice setting, we are particularly interested in applications that demonstrate how the Canine Cruciate Registry has been embedded as part of business-as-usual (it is “the way we do things”, rather than an add-on to the day job).

The case example, which is included as part of the application, should inspire others within the veterinary professions towards a culture of continuous improvement and promote the overall aims of the Canine Cruciate Registry, which are:

  • To advance veterinary care by building an evidence base and collecting accurate information from veterinary teams and dog owners
  • To provide a system for improvement that any veterinary team can sign up to and access for free
  • To improve the quality of care and minimise complications within canine cruciate surgery, by allowing teams to monitor and compare their results, adapting and improving treatments accordingly.

What happens if my application is selected as a winner?

Successful applicants will become Knowledge Awards winners. They will have the opportunity to work with RCVS Knowledge to promote and share their experiences. This promotion might include presenting at a conference, sharing experiences through our social media, podcasts and interviews, and even publishing their findings in a journal such as Veterinary Evidence

Knowledge Awards winners will receive a £250 prize and are invited to attend an awards ceremony (either online or in-person) and will be reimbursed up to £200 towards reasonable travel costs to attend the event at which this ceremony is held. If a winning application was made for a practice – rather than an individual – then a representative will be invited to attend the awards ceremony.

Closing date

The Canine Cruciate Outcome Awards will open again in July 2024.